Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Weigh Wednesday - 252.5 - I lost 2 pounds!

This week seemed to drag on...not exactly sure why. Probably because I was looking forward to weighing in the morning, did I really say that?

I'm so proud of us....we have not only posted our weight (and really bad before photos) for the world to see, but we have forwarded our blogs on to our friends. It actually took a lot of courage to post my weight. I know I'm overweight, but in my mind, I don't see myself as 'fat'. It is only when I see a photo of myself that I have to do a double look at my double chin....

To be completely honest, I didn't feel like I sacrificed any. Although, I didn't have any candy, cookies, or sweets...well, other than 1 zinger (what was I thinking...they aren't even good). I also watched portions, but other than that, I ate what everyone else was eating. I guess that is the key, portions. And cutting out the sugar, I wasn't hungry. I probably did chose more wisely, knowing I was going to have to post my weight loss on the blog.

I'm proud of my mom, she is on vacation and has been eating out and what others are making. She told me that she has been walking, also....Great Job, Mom! Melissa has always been good about losing weight. She likes healthy food and can make healthy dishes taste yummy. Next week she'll be at youth camp.....she'll probably come back with a big loss...I remember camp food.....

Enjoy the 4th.....Here's what I'll be eating.
Grilled, lean burgers on whole wheat buns
Corn on the cob
Fresh fruit salad
I might even bake up some brownies...made with the Insta-Bake. incorporate exercise!

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Melissa said...

That strip at the end is too funny. Did you all have fireworks? We almost didn't, but it didn't rain during that portion of the day.

2008 is going to be great....
It's the year I'm going to lose weight!