Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today we spent the afternoon at Papa and DeeDee's. Papa grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. I made potato salad, cucumber salad and cookies and we had baked beans. Yummy......

The kids and DeeDee played in the pool and I sat poolside and watched and documented the day digitally.

Tonight, Jacob had a baseball game. He played great....a double and a triple, including a scoring run. Thought I'd include a picture of his triple at bat....missed being a homerun by about a foot.

I made cookies using a dry cake mix and a can of pumpkin....minus the eggs and oil. I added about 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and baked for 17 minutes. Very, very yummy....couldn't believe no eggs, no oil. Check out Hungry Girl for more ideas.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Herb Garden

I've been wanting to plant a garden ever since we moved into our home. Truth be told, I don't like to sweat or get dirty or get the picture. I love the idea of a garden and someday, I really do want to plant one. However, for now I'm settling on a potted herb garden. I have dill, spearmint, chocolate spearmint, parsley and rue (I added it purely for aesthetics...and it attracts butterflies).

I really wanted to put it in a metal washtub, but didn't want to spend lots of money on one. I found one, while shopping with Hannah and my friend, Yolanda, at Wal-Mart. The only catch, it says 'Cold Beer' on one side. I figured I'd just put side against the house.

I enjoyed picking out the plants and planting them at Yolanda's house. Hopefully, I enjoy the actual herbs just as much.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trying to rekindle an old passion.....

Are you curious?

Well, it isn't anything's just scrapbooking. I was, at one time, very passionate about scrapbooking and more importantly, journaling. Well, I haven't scrapbooked in probably a year. I barely even get my photos printed. Urg......

Tonight, I was talking to a friend about various other things and she posed the question, "Are you going to try and scrapbook this summer?" I have soooo many excuses for not doing something I really enjoy. Why, you ask? Good question. I don't really have a good answer. Basically all my procrastination boils down to romanticized ideals and perfectionism. (I'll save that for another post.....however, I probably will never get around to it....)

Anyway, back to rekindling my passion for scrapbooking.......

Short story even shorter.....I've decided to put a desk in my bedroom - just for scrapbooking. That way, I can leave all my things out and can work for a while and then leave it out. My friend challenged me to have it done before school gets out later this month...she even put it on her calendar.

Do you need to rekindle an old passion?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


My good friend, Kimberly, and her husband are in the process of adopting a little girl from Colombia. Whatever the unfortunate circumstances that surround their new daughter's current situation, she is going to be SOOOOOOOO blessed to have Todd and Kimberly as parents. They just started their blog, but I'd love for you to click over and read their first posts.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hungry Girl

While blog surfing this evening, I came across this website and had to share. Are you a Hungry Girl? I am.....but not always just for food. I sometimes get hungry for a new purse, a trip to the mall, a vacation, time reading a good book, a nap....just to name a few.

That got me thinking....what do I want to hunger for?
Of course, I can come up with the 'Sunday School answer', but at this point in my life, I'm over that....or at least in the confines of my living room, seated in my chair in front of the computer, I'm over that.

After a few minutes of pondering....really, I should take more than a few minutes, oh well....I've decided that I truly want to hunger for the things of God. I think that pretty much sums it up. I guess 'the Sunday School answer' is my answer. Under the umbrella of 'things of God' falls many things. The only thing that stands in my way of my hunger is ME.

Now, to find a recipe to use pumpkin instead of oil and eggs......(see Hungry Girl for more info)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Melissa

A couple weeks ago, Hannah and I had a girl's weekend in St. Augustine. Melissa met us at the Outlet Mall and for dinner. We shopped until we was a lot of fun.

I am very thankful for our 20+ years of friendship.

Happy Birthday!

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to call you!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

One thing leads to another

Does that happen to you? I have to purposely clean my house, one room at a time - starting in one corner and working my way around the room. Otherwise, one thing leads to another and I have a
BIG MESS. Anyway, no messes tonight.....

Actually, I was looking for photos of the 5th grade for an end of the year slide show and came across some photos that Michael took of me in January when I came home with a new haircut. I got this 'hair-brained' idea to Photoshop the photo.....look what I came up with. I'd better sign off, otherwise I might be up all night playing with photos. Think of the possiblities!

2008 is going to be great....
It's the year I'm going to lose weight!