Thursday, July 12, 2007

How does your garden grow?

I was inspired by Emily's flower photos to take some of mine.

Here's what I have in my yard:
  • 7 hydrangeas, well, maybe 6 - Michael mowed over one last night (boohoo)

  • 3 plumbagos, they need to be replanted in a sunnier spot

  • 2 rose bushes, with no blooms...they need to be planted

  • 2 petunias, in pots

  • 1 geranium, absolutely love it and it is doing great...kicking myself that I didn't purchase more than one

  • 1 Dahlia, has lots of buds, no blooms yet

  • 1 impatient, planted in too shallow of a container....oh, well

  • 1 watermelon plant, that Michael mowed over a month ago....maybe we'll have melons next year

  • gardenia bushes in front, I pruned them last year, heavily pruned them. Got a few blooms this year, I'm sure next year will be better.

  • azaelas on the side yard, I heavily pruned them also and they bloomed this year, but I know that next year they will be beautiful.

I have lots of seed packets....but haven't decided where to plant yet. I have morning glories that I would love to plant along the fence. I have grand visions of a cottage garden but Michael is not a fan of plants in the ground...because he has to 'mow around them'. However, he is the one that purchased 5 of the hydrangeas for a surprise. I am trying to convince him that with more 'garden area' he will have less to mow.....


Gideon mommasita said...

You're photos are better than mine. You had to show me up didn't you...hheehee I'm flattered when anyone does anything that I've doesn't happen too much. Right now I'm trying to talk a friend into joining our Weigh Wednesday, we'll see.

Rodrigo said...
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2008 is going to be great....
It's the year I'm going to lose weight!