Thursday, July 30, 2009

An afternoon hospital visit

Photo is totally unrelated photo, but hate to post without one.

Spent the afternoon in the ER yesterday. Lots of waiting and a few tests later resulted in an "I think" diagnosis. I'm never sick, with the exception of an occassional cold. Only times I've been in the hospital are as follows: my birth, Hannah's birth, Jacob's birth, and yesterday.

Rewind to 11:30am Wednesday morning...
I was at work and I started having severe, sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Sat there, no change. Walked around, no change. As I was walking back to my office, I had a wave of nausea and overwhelming feeling of passing out. Never felt like that before. I sat down in a co-worker's area and all I could think was...Please don't pass out at work, please don't pass out at work. I didn't. Co-worker put a cold cloth on my neck and forehead. Nausea went away slowly and I was able to walk back to my desk.
Meanwhile, I called Michael. Getting a phone call that starts out, "I need you to take me to the doctor or hospital" is never a good call. He jumped into action and called my doctor, which told him to call urgent care, which told him to take me to the ER.

Fast forward to 6pm Wednesday evening...
I felt fine, absolutely no pain at all. Doctor told me he thinks it was a ruptured ovarian cyst and that my body did the 'flight or fight' reaction.

So, this morning I am thankful for many things - some big, some small, some trivial. Here are a few, in no particular order. I'm thankful that Michael has a cell phone and that I could reach him immediately, even if it does quack or bark when I ring. I'm thankful that my co-worker jumped into action with cold cloths and the offering to complete the task I was doing. I'm thankful Michael has a job that allowed him to leave at a moments notice and also a job that has great health benefits so that the thought of having to pay for the hospital visit didn't have to be considered. I'm thankful that God chose for me to live in a time where there are so many modern technologies and conveniences that are available, most of which I take for granted each and every day. I'm thankful that I have a talented hairdresser because while washing my hands at one point in the day I looked at myself in the mirrror and thought, "Great hair day!" I'm thankful for friends that called to check on me. I'm thankful that my husband sat in a cold hard chair yesterday and only complained a few times. I'm thankful that my kids went on with their daily routine. And most importantly, I'm thankful that Jesus is my Savior and that I need not fear a thing because my Lord is in control, regardless of the circumstance, regardless of the outcome.

2008 is going to be great....
It's the year I'm going to lose weight!