Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Salmon Patties

I intended to post this yesterday...but fell asleep on the couch. Oops.

Yesterday I ran some errands with my mom and Hannah, while Jacob and PaPa went to play pool. I forgot to marinate the chicken before I left, so decided to make the next meal on my list. Okay, so I did that...Rotini & Tuna Salad. After I made it, at 6:30pm, I realized that if we waited for it to cool in the refrigerator and be the cold salad it was intended to be we wouldn't be eating until really, really late.

Michael asked if I would like for him to take us out....so nice, wasn't it? Actually, he had just push mowed the patches that the riding lawn mower couldn't reach and was starving. I almost gave in, mostly because I was kind of tired from running errands and making one meal already. But, I decided to just make the 3rd meal on my list....Salmon Patties, Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli.

Since I didn't photograph the Turkey Stroganoff, I made sure I took a photo of the Salmon Patties.
1 can of drained Pink Salmon (it is fairly cheap....about $1.50 for a large can @ Publix)
2 eggs
1 sleeve of crushed saltines (I use the multi-grain)
Diced onion
Lemon Juice
Salt, Pepper, Dill

I remove the gray skin and spine (my mom does not and her's taste exactly the same....) and add to 2 beaten eggs. Crush the saltines and add to salmon. Add onions, lemon juice (eyeball it), dill and salt & pepper. Mix together; form into patties. Pan fry in a small amount of oil (I like Canola) and flip when golden and crispy. Serve with sliced lemon wedges, ketchup or dill sauce (mayo, sour cream, dill). Since they are already pan fried I don't do the dill sauce anymore, although you could do fat free sour cream and non-fat plain yogurt.
This makes about 10 patties. Even my picky eater (aka - Hannah) loves salmon patties. Michael, who does not like seafood, likes them too!


Gideon mommasita said...

Fantastic! I love salmon patties...Josh doesn't, may make them anyway just for a change of pace. Great pictures, way to go on the discipline to make another meal instead of going out! Wasn't the whole point of your meal planning was to be budget concious this week...Awesome financial responsibility girlfriend!

Melissa said...

Very impressed. I don't think I would've passed up the meal out. I need to be better about that.

Johnna said...

I've been wanting to try your salmon patty recipe for a long time...now I guess I will have to. I'm hungry right now!

Mom said...

Robin, I use the RED SOCKEYE salmon, I also add finely chopped onion to mine...I got that recipe from your Grandma Peggy many many years ago!
Still love them.

2008 is going to be great....
It's the year I'm going to lose weight!