Monday, August 13, 2007

On Vacation

We left Friday for Michael's sister's. We stopped at the library before we left and while Hannah and Jacob were picking out a book I thought I'd look at the audio books. The kids were not at all into the idea of listening to a book during the drive. I think they wanted to watch movies the whole way down. I finally convinced them that it would be fun. We got a Nancy Drew mystery and another mystery...but I cannot remember the author or title at the moment.

As soon as we got on the interstate I slid the 1st CD in and after a few minutes the kids....and Michael were hooked. I knew that we all would enjoy it, and I was right. We'll listen to the other audio book on the way home on Thursday.

While visiting Michael's sister, we drove around and saw the different places Michael lived growing up. We saw his old schools, places he worked and played and where he went to church. We were able to go to his church on Sunday and he was able to see a few friends from youth group.

Don't you love going to visit and you know you were planned for? I do....makes me feel special. It makes a difference when you go to someones house and they have meals planned, beds ready, and such. Doug and Christy planned wonderful meals for us. Doug grilled huge burgers and hot dogs and Christy cooked a pot roast. Both meals were delicious. We had a great time visiting and swimming in their pool. We truly enjoyed Doug and Christy's hospitality.

Now we are visiting Michael's dad and brothers. We'll leave tomorrow to go to St. Augustine and play at the beach and pool....and see the St. Augustine sights and then dash back home in time for school orientation on Friday.


Christy said...

Robin, We loved having you here wit us!! Let's not wait so long to come back okay?? Looking forward to coming to see us.

Melissa said...

Robin, That's a really good pic of you and mike!

2008 is going to be great....
It's the year I'm going to lose weight!